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Marie statues and accessories

Brand: Enchanting Disney Collection Model: A29558
On this letter "M" is the white fur cat Marie. The pale cream tone of the letter helps to create the illusion that the full-color character jumps straight out of the classic Aristocats film. This charming Disney alphabet is a perfect gift for the children's room or nursery. Resin material. Each lett..
€ 9.56 € 11.95
Ex Tax:€ 7.90
Brand: Oui Marie Model: DI726
An irresistibly adorable Marie luggage tag and passport holder gift set, perfect for your next trip. By Oui Marie from Disney - one of the cutest Disney characters brought to delightful gifts.Details:- Round luggage tag made of synthetic leather with Marie print and pink buckle strap- Name and addre..
€ 15.96 € 19.95
Ex Tax:€ 13.19
Brand: BRITTO Model: 4058173
Marie from Disney's animated classic The Aristocats comes to life in this colorful recreation of one of Disney's most beloved cats. Pretty in pink, pastel blue and violets, Marie's nylon whiskers form her "purrfect" sound.Designed by pop art sensation Romero Britto.The figurine is made of resin. Uni..
€ 38.40 € 48.00
Ex Tax:€ 31.74
Brand: Classic collectable Model: DI593
Bring a few words of Disney wisdom to any room with this collectable Aristocats plaque. From the Disney Classic Collection - dreams have come true since 1923.The crisp white 40 cm badge shows delicate Marie illustrations in pencil style and a luxurious, gold-foiled, inspiring feeling of "Precious an..
€ 7.16 € 8.95
Ex Tax:€ 5.92
Model: 5413538769762
€ 11.16 € 13.95
Ex Tax:€ 9.22
Brand: BRITTO Model: 6006088
A curious kitten who aspires to be an elegant lady like her mother Duchess, Marie won the hearts of audiences with her starring role in Disney's "The Aristocats." Now Marie has a more dazzling coat than ever thanks to Pop Artist Romero Britto. The high gloss shiny finish figurine is presented in a b..
€ 20.80 € 26.00
Ex Tax:€ 17.19
Brand: Oui Marie Model: DI725
€ 7.96 € 9.95
Ex Tax:€ 6.58
Brand: Oui Marie Model: DI765
Stay fabulous on the go with this wonderful Marie compact mirror. From the DISNEY Yes Marie collection - one of the cutest Disney characters brought in adorable gifts.Details:- Compact in silver metal with chrome finish- Rubberized Marie rose cover design- Bow detail decorated with sequins- Snap-loc..
€ 7.96 € 9.95
Ex Tax:€ 6.58
Mug Marie Mug Marie
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Brand: Magical Beginnings Model: DI364
Relive the magic of one of Disney's most iconic movies with this new porcelain 'Princess' Marie mug.As part of our range of Disney Magical Beginnings, this beautiful mug contains an original sketch of Marie from the classic film Aristocats, with the title 'Princess' in gold foil lettering. In combin..
€ 15.16 € 18.95
Ex Tax:€ 12.53
Brand: Oui Marie Model: DI721
Keep those sparkling things in this beautiful Marie musical jewelry box. From Oui Marie by Disney - one of the cutest Disney characters brought to adorable gifts.Details:- Paper-wrapped jewelery box- Nice Marie lid design- Pink glitter decorations- Wind up musical movement - plays Für Elise- Rotatab..
€ 19.96 € 24.95
Ex Tax:€ 16.50
Brand: Magical Beginnings Model: DI819
Add a touch of magic to your everyday life with this magical debut photo album.As part of our range of classic Disney artwork gifts, this photo album features a beautiful depiction of the Aristocats, gold glitter lettering `` You Give The Best Hugs '', space for fifty 10 x 15 cm photos, a customizab..
€ 14.36 € 17.95
Ex Tax:€ 11.87
Brand: Magical Beginnings Model: DI840
Add a touch of Disney magic to their everyday life with a beautiful frame from Classic Disney's Magical Beginnings collection.As part of our range of classic Disney illustrated gifts, this beautiful frame features a cute Oui Marie illustration, paired with a gold glitter title `` Love You So Much ''..
€ 16.76 € 20.95
Ex Tax:€ 13.85
Brand: Oui Marie Model: DI771
Give a special photo the perfect place to shine with this adorable 3D Marie Photo Frame. From Disney's Yes Marie collection - one of the cutest Disney characters brought to adorable gifts.Details:- Hand painted resin photo frame- Pink oval border with white dots- Pretty character of Marie with pink ..
€ 14.36 € 17.95
Ex Tax:€ 11.87
Model: 5413538769786
€ 8.76 € 10.95
Ex Tax:€ 7.24
Brand: Disney Icons Model: DI342
This beautiful, crystal-finished Marie trinket box comes from the classic Disney movie Aristocats. Handpainted and embellished with white and pink crystals, this is a wonderful memory. Secured with a magnetic closure to ensure that it stays tightly closed and packed in a silk-lined and cushioned Dis..
€ 33.56 € 41.95
Ex Tax:€ 27.74
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