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Disney Figurines

Brand: Magical Moments Model: DI193
Relive magical moments from Disney classics with this 'Love' Lady and the Tramp Figurine. As part of our Magical Moments series of classic Disney hand-painted resin figurines, this ornament shows Lady and Tramp together in the famous dinner scene.This item comes in a beautiful gift box...
€ 26.21 € 34.95
Ex Tax:€ 21.66
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 6008060
Adventurous Lucky and his siblings are looking for a treat or maybe a place to hide. This Disney sculpture by Jim Shore really represents these 101 Dalmatian puppy personalities...
€ 33.75 € 45.00
Ex Tax:€ 27.89
Brand: Magical Moments Model: DI564
Bring some Disney magic to their room with this collectable Dalmatian puppy figurine. From Disney Magical Moments - bring that timeless Disney magic to gift items.This adorable hand painted 101 Dalmatians figurine has Lucky slip to stop. He is looking up, surprised, with his legs outstretched beside..
€ 14.96 € 19.95
Ex Tax:€ 12.37
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 4054279
Winnie the Pooh and Piglet celebrate "50 years of friendship" while they smile and share an umbrella raft. This charming creation with the beloved Disney characters, Winnie The Pooh and Piglet.Made of epoxy / synthetic resin. All pieces are painted by hand, making them all unique...
€ 44.96 € 59.95
Ex Tax:€ 37.16
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 6005975
What is more American than a man and his dog? In this case, that man is a mouse, Mickey and he wears a broad smile while proudly waving the red, white and blue flags. Jim Shore celebrates patriotism with Disney's favorite duo, both born in the US.Unique variations are to be expected because this pro..
€ 44.96 € 59.95
Ex Tax:€ 37.16
Brand: Lenox Model: 846985
€ 26.93 € 35.90
Ex Tax:€ 22.25
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 4054277
Elliot, the somewhat awkward and mostly invisible star of Disney's Pete's Dragon. Perfectly displayed and fully sympathetic in this figure.Made of resin. Painted by hand, making each piece unique...
€ 54.00 € 72.00
Ex Tax:€ 44.63
Brand: Lenox Model: 789387
€ 48.67 € 64.90
Ex Tax:€ 40.23
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 6005147
Exceptional masterpiece includes touch activated music function that plays 45 seconds of the melody "Heigh Ho". Simply swipe the large blue mushroom under Dopey from right to left to activate. Beautiful metal accents and a tin lantern. Made from resin. Packed in a gift box from a brand. Unique varia..
€ 382.46 € 509.95
Ex Tax:€ 316.08
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 6005971
With his son's hand, Geppetto Pinocchio soothes fears even in the mouth of a beast. The giant whale Monstro looks absolutely frightening in this Jim Shore figurine, even when covered with delicious rosemaling. Unique variations are to be expected because this product is dyed by hand. Packed in a gif..
€ 84.00 € 112.00
Ex Tax:€ 69.42
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 6007054
With a bow, Cinderella Prince Charming charms the world. In her beautiful dress, magically sown by her fairy, they prop up in slippers made of glass. Jim Shore loses one before the clock strikes twelve and catches the girl like a princess. Unique variations are to be expected because this product is..
€ 52.46 € 69.95
Ex Tax:€ 43.36
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 6002820
Rapunzel spends her days painting the world that she would like to explore outside of her tower walls. Inspired to follow her dreams, she embarks on an adventure that leads her home. In this lively design by Jim Shore, the Tangled princess likes to paint with her artist's palette. Unique variations ..
€ 41.25 € 55.00
Ex Tax:€ 34.09
Brand: Lenox Model: 843558
€ 57.68 € 76.90
Ex Tax:€ 47.67
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 6008069
Alice shares a look with the Queen of Hearts in this design inspired by the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland. Handcrafted with delightful detail, this scene of opposites showcases the rich colors and folk art patterns that are unmistakably Jim Shore...
€ 74.96 € 99.95
Ex Tax:€ 61.95
Brand: BRITTO Model: 4049693
Alice takes a moment of her adventure and takes a cup of tea.Designed by Romero Britto for Disney by Britto to commemorate the 65th anniversary of this beloved Disney movie.Unique variations are to be expected, because this product is painted by hand..
€ 50.96 € 67.95
Ex Tax:€ 42.12
Brand: Disney Showcase Collection Model: 6001660
Don't be late for the crazy tea party with this beautiful Haute Couture Alice. Be amazed by her elegant, formal tea clothes, adorned with sparkling rhinestones, a ruffled skirt, and an ornate damask pattern on her signature apron.The figure is made of cast stone. Each piece is hand painted and sligh..
€ 49.50 € 66.00
Ex Tax:€ 40.91
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