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Disney Traditions

Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 4054279
Winnie the Pooh and Piglet celebrate "50 years of friendship" while they smile and share an umbrella raft. This charming creation with the beloved Disney characters, Winnie The Pooh and Piglet.Made of epoxy / synthetic resin. All pieces are painted by hand, making them all unique...
€ 53.95
Ex Tax:€ 44.59
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 4054277
Elliot, the somewhat awkward and mostly invisible star of Disney's Pete's Dragon. Perfectly displayed and fully sympathetic in this figure.Made of resin. Painted by hand, making each piece unique...
€ 64.95
Ex Tax:€ 53.68
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 6005147
Exceptional masterpiece includes touch activated music function that plays 45 seconds of the melody "Heigh Ho". Simply swipe the large blue mushroom under Dopey from right to left to activate. Beautiful metal accents and a tin lantern. Made from resin. Packed in a gift box from a brand. Unique varia..
€ 509.95
Ex Tax:€ 421.45
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 6002820
Rapunzel spends her days painting the world that she would like to explore outside of her tower walls. Inspired to follow her dreams, she embarks on an adventure that leads her home. In this lively design by Jim Shore, the Tangled princess likes to paint with her artist's palette. Unique variations ..
€ 56.95
Ex Tax:€ 47.07
An Unexpected Kiss (Peter Pan & Wendy 65th Anniversary)
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 4059725
"What's a kiss?"This vivid commemoration from the 65th anniversary of Jim Shore records Wendy's innocent effort to inform Peter Pan on this subject, while a disapproving Tink rushes in to put an end to things.This perfect gift or purchase is made of resin. Unique variations are to be expected, becau..
€ 67.95
Ex Tax:€ 56.16
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