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Enchanting Disney

The Enchanting Disney Collection offers classic Disney characters from Snow White to Mary Poppins, all of which have been developed in the UK.

Introduced in 2012, the Enchanting Disney Collection brings together a host of classic characters, including Stitch, Dumbo, Simba, and a range of your Disney favorites - as well as the Disney Princesses - not to mention the villains. Signs and scenes have been beautifully immortalized with this beautiful series of fancifully sculpted figurines that capture the magical charm of every Disney character and provide the perfect gift or collection item for all Disney lovers.

With a high-quality finish, each resin statue conveys the character's humor and personality - from Bambi's adorable expression to Abu's shimmering magic lamp. Disney collectors are well catered for with a wide selection of Disney Princess products, supported by an ever-growing cast of Disney's beloved characters - such as Ariel, 101 Dalmations, Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins.

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Brand: Enchanting Disney Collection Model: A27148
Baloo the Jive-speaking bear has no time for worries or quarrels until it is time to protect and teach the little man-young, Mowgli.This Jungle Book souvenir is only available at the Enchanting Disney Collection.Made of resin. Unique color variations are to be expected because this product is painte..
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