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Brand: Magical Moments Model: DI564
Bring some Disney magic to their room with this collectable Dalmatian puppy figurine. From Disney Magical Moments - bring that timeless Disney magic to gift items.This adorable hand painted 101 Dalmatians figurine has Lucky slip to stop. He is looking up, surprised, with his legs outstretched beside..
€ 19.95
Ex Tax:€ 16.49
Brand: Magical Beginnings Model: DI330
With these Disney milestone cards for babies, you can capture and remember magical moments over the years, along with their favorite Disney characters. Cards include 'Today I walked for the first time' and reach 'My first Christmas' and 'My first birthday'. From the Disney Classic Characters collect..
€ 8.95
Ex Tax:€ 7.40
Brand: Magical Beginnings Model: DI689
Bring timeless and adorable Disney magic to the walls of your child's bedroom or child's bedroom with this 3D dumbo wall clock. From Disney Magical Beginnings - Celebrate the start of the greatest adventure.This truly wonderful watch is cast from a handmade clay mold and hand-painted in matte pastel..
€ 40.95
Ex Tax:€ 33.84
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 6005975
What is more American than a man and his dog? In this case, that man is a mouse, Mickey and he wears a broad smile while proudly waving the red, white and blue flags. Jim Shore celebrates patriotism with Disney's favorite duo, both born in the US.Unique variations are to be expected because this pro..
€ 63.95
Ex Tax:€ 52.85
Brand: Disney Traditions Model: 6005960
Disney took a surprising and delightful twist to the classic princess in the frog tradition when both Tiana and Naveen turned green. Despite their new bulging eyes and slimy lower abdomen, the couple still fell in love. Unique variations are to be expected because this product is dyed by hand. Packe..
€ 44.95
Ex Tax:€ 37.15
Angel Britto Angel Britto
Label Pre-Order
Brand: Disney by BRITTO Model: 6007095
EXPECTED SOONResin figurine. Each piece is hand painted and slight variations in color are expected, making each piece unique. Delivered in a gift box with brand...
€ 76.95
Ex Tax:€ 63.60
Brand: Disney & Pixar Stories Model: DI690
Bring some Disney magic to their bedroom with this customizable Anna and Elsa chalkboard. From the Frozen 2 collection - the world's favorite animated smash returns with a new wave of magical gifts.Use chalk or chalk pens to add your own personal touch. Perfect as a notice board for a bedroom door o..
€ 9.95
Ex Tax:€ 8.22
Brand: Magical Moments Model: DI583
Give the gift of Disney magic with this magnificent Ariel figurine. From Disney Magical Moments - making dreams come true since 1923.The intricate little hand-painted mermaid sits on a rock looking up to the sky with the sunset behind her. The freestanding ornament features protective foam feet on t..
€ 29.95
Ex Tax:€ 24.75
Brand: Grand Jester Studios Model: 6003656
Celebrate Disney's 30th anniversary with this dynamic tribute with Ariel along with her fellow countrymen Flounder and Sabastian in this highly detailed figure from Grand Jester Studios.No toys or children's product. Only intended for adults...
€ 76.95
Ex Tax:€ 63.60
Brand: Princess Collection Model: DI575
Save for your own ball gown with this beautiful hand painted piggy bank from the Little Mermaid. From the Disney Princess collection - the fairytale fantasy comes to life.This intricately detailed piggy bank shows Ariel in a soft pink ball gown. Molded from a hand-molded clay mold, this is a nice co..
€ 29.95
Ex Tax:€ 24.75
Brand: Magical Moments Model: DI688
Give the gift of Disney magic with this beautiful Aristocats figurine. From Disney Magical Moments - dreams come true since 1923.The intricate hand-painted Duchess and Thomas O'Malley sit side by side on a chimney stack. The freestanding ornament has protective foam legs on the base and 'How Romanti..
€ 29.95
Ex Tax:€ 24.75
Brand: Princess Collection Model: DI379
An enchanting princess hanging plaque with a beautiful sleeping beauty with ditsy design from the Disney Princess collection.The plaque is square in shape, with the text 'Care for Others', beautiful Princess Aurora design and a pink hanging ribbon. A wonderful addition to a little princess's bedroom..
€ 5.95
Ex Tax:€ 4.92
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