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Precious Moments

Brand: Precious Moments Model: 172701
Sporting golf clubs, flip flops, brightly colored summer draws a "Goofy" hat, Disney's Genie from the beloved Disney movie Aladdin is ready for a well-deserved vacation!Crafted in bisque porcelain and cold-cast resin and carefully hand painted. ..
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Always Be By My Side
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Brand: Precious Moments Model: 133707
Enjoying a warm afternoon in their Adirondack chairs Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse enjoy a refreshing drink.When you are with the person you love, everything feels magical, from the conversation to the way your hands touch each other, and this piece celebrates those moments that you will probably ch..
€ 104.85 € 116.50
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Bambi And Faline Musical
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Brand: Precious Moments Model: 179710
Lush details bring nature closer to this beautiful musical with Disney's Bambi and Faline, as they stroll past a cute pair of blue birds in a tree! Plays "Love Is A Song".Inspires childhood memories and sweet romance.A great gift for Disney fans, sweethearts and BFFs. Declines in a collection and ad..
€ 65.66 € 72.95
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Brand: Precious Moments Model: 143701
€ 55.75 € 61.95
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Brand: Precious Moments Model: 152005
This impressively dressed young man leads his Disney toys at a parade through the neighborhood.Favorite Disney characters - Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy - are doing their best to entertain those who see this cute image.Give as a birthday gift, holiday gift or 'just because' gift to everyone w..
€ 92.65 € 102.95
Ex Tax:€ 76.57
Brand: Precious Moments Model: 143706
Dumbo soaks his cares away, although his mother, Mrs. Jumbo, is sure to remind him to scrub behind those ears!A whimsical figurine that captures Dumbo’s playful side, the bubbles seem to be floating in midair.A fun birthday gift, holiday gift, or “just because” gift for anyone who loves Disney's Dum..
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Cinderella castle LED Musical Cinderella castle LED Musical
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Brand: Precious Moments Model: 163106
€ 87.26 € 96.95
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Brand: Precious Moments Model: 164703
Ludwig Von Drake from Disney sends congratulations while she seems quite professional in a cap and gown.A whimsical way to steer graduation requirements directly from the Austrian duck with an insatiable appetite for knowledge.Give this funny Disney Showcase Collection figurine as a gift for boys, g..
€ 55.75 € 61.95
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Dopey Perpetual Calendar
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Brand: Precious Moments Model: 172710
Riding in a mine train decorated with a perpetual calendar in the front shows off, the cute dwarf of Disney, Dopey with his beautiful gem of gems!This adorable perpetual calendar will remind your loved ones to find the treasures in every day.A great gift for Disney fans and BFFs. Fall into a collect..
€ 37.35 € 41.50
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Brand: Precious Moments Model: 171705
Forgetful, but loved, Disney Pixar's Dory swims happily on top of this beautiful, silver-finished, covered box.Direct from the oceans of Disney Pixar's Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, small treasures are safely stored in this smart design that will surely be cherished by all fans of Dory.Give this th..
€ 31.05 € 34.50
Ex Tax:€ 25.66
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