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Precious Moments

Brand: Precious Moments Model: 141705
Disney's critically acclaimed animated film from 1994, The Lion King, Simba, Timon and Pumbaa like to forage through lush jungles.With the motto 'hakuna matata' or 'no worries' the concerns of these three friends simply melt away when they are together.Give as a birthday gift, holiday gift or 'just ..
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Brand: Precious Moments Model: 181701
Disney's Scrooge McDuck and his little friends are depicted in a beautiful scene that captures the emotions, colors and heart-warming joy of the final scene of Mickey's Christmas CarolAdds an uplifting accent to the decorating of a home vacation by the re-awakened Christmas spirit of the Disney Chri..
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Brand: Precious Moments Model: 153706
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Brand: Precious Moments Model: 143703
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