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Precious Moments

Brand: Precious Moments Model: 152005
This impressively dressed young man leads his Disney toys at a parade through the neighborhood.Favorite Disney characters - Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy - are doing their best to entertain those who see this cute image.Give as a birthday gift, holiday gift or 'just because' gift to everyone w..
€ 87.51 € 102.95
Ex Tax:€ 72.32
Brand: Precious Moments Model: 143706
Dumbo soaks his cares away, although his mother, Mrs. Jumbo, is sure to remind him to scrub behind those ears!A whimsical figurine that captures Dumbo’s playful side, the bubbles seem to be floating in midair.A fun birthday gift, holiday gift, or “just because” gift for anyone who loves Disney's Dum..
€ 58.23 € 68.50
Ex Tax:€ 48.12
Brand: Precious Moments Model: 164703
Ludwig Von Drake from Disney sends congratulations while she seems quite professional in a cap and gown.A whimsical way to steer graduation requirements directly from the Austrian duck with an insatiable appetite for knowledge.Give this funny Disney Showcase Collection figurine as a gift for boys, g..
€ 52.66 € 61.95
Ex Tax:€ 43.52
Brand: Precious Moments Model: 171705
Forgetful, but loved, Disney Pixar's Dory swims happily on top of this beautiful, silver-finished, covered box.Direct from the oceans of Disney Pixar's Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, small treasures are safely stored in this smart design that will surely be cherished by all fans of Dory.Give this th..
€ 29.32 € 34.50
Ex Tax:€ 24.24
Brand: Precious Moments Model: 161701
Simba crosses a block while enjoying his carefree life. He could not realize it now, but he can achieve anything he dreams.Perfect for Disney fans of all ages, and makes offices and nurseries more cozy.Made of porcelain bisque, carefully hand-painted...
€ 46.71 € 54.95
Ex Tax:€ 38.60
Brand: Precious Moments Model: 141705
Disney's critically acclaimed animated film from 1994, The Lion King, Simba, Timon and Pumbaa like to forage through lush jungles.With the motto 'hakuna matata' or 'no worries' the concerns of these three friends simply melt away when they are together.Give as a birthday gift, holiday gift or 'just ..
€ 128.31 € 150.95
Ex Tax:€ 106.04
Brand: Precious Moments Model: 134706
Mike and Sulley from Disney • Pixar's Monsters University should be best friends, in good times and badPaying tribute to our many unique friendships, this piece makes a colorful addition to any Disney collectionGive as a birthday gift, holiday gift or 'just because' gift to everyone who loves Disney..
€ 99.03 € 116.50
Ex Tax:€ 81.84
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