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DC Comics

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Brand: DC Comics Justice League Model: 6004981
As if to answer the prayer for the besieged citizens of Gotham, the near-mythical Batman kicks in in this premium format statue of Detective Dark Knight brought to you by Grand Jester Studios.This DC Comic cast stone figure is a limited edition of 1500 pieces. Not a toy or product for children. Inte..
€ 242.00 € 440.00
Ex Tax:€ 200.00
Brand: DC Comics Justice League Model: 6004979
Metropolis is under attack. Their citizens are fleeing in the face of sudden devastation. And in this darkest hour, the master of the city, Superman has arrived to save the day once more.This premium format DC Comics statue is limited to 1,500 numbered pieces worldwide. Comes with a certificate of a..
€ 246.95 € 449.00
Ex Tax:€ 204.09
Brand: DC Comics Justice League Model: A30018
By turning above the head, faster than a fastball is neither a bird nor a plane, but a SUPERMAN. The powerful MAN OF STEEL, who works in this same building as his alter ego of the journalist CLARK KENT. Features lively Superman flying around the top of the building. European version..
€ 184.77 € 335.95
Ex Tax:€ 152.70
Brand: DC Comics Justice League Model: 6004980
Diana stands calmly amid the sun-bleached rubble and ruins of this crumbling temple. A new day dawns and Wonder Woman welcomes it with steel-eyed serenity in this premium format statue.This DC Comics cast stone figurine is limited to 1500 numbered pieces.Not a toy or product for children. Intended f..
€ 181.43 € 329.88
Ex Tax:€ 149.94
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